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edge Dedicated Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter – HI2003




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Hanna Instruments is proud to introduce the world?s most innovative Conductivity/TDS/Salinity meter: edge?.edge??s groundbreaking design is the culmination of Hanna?s vision, design capabilities, integrated production and world-class R&D. edge??is a single meter that can measure Conductivity, TDS and Salinity and is incredibly easy to use.

four ring conductivity probe

Four ring conductivity Probe

edge? EC/TDS/Salinity utilizes four ring conductivity probe technology that allows the user to measure samples from very low conductivity to very high conductivity. edge? is an auto-ranging meter that will select the appropriate range for the measurement to ensure the highest accuracy available.

Capacitive Touch

Capacitive Touch

edge??features a capacitive touch keypad that gives a distinctive, modern look. The keypad is sensitive enough to be used with laboratory gloves and has a fast response. Since the keypad is part of the screen, there are no buttons to get clogged with sample residue.

Clear Full Text Readout

Large Easy to Read LCD

edge??features a 5.5? LCD display that you can clearly view from over 5 meters away. The large display and it?s wide 150? viewing angle provide one of the easiest to read LCD?s in the industry.


edge Conductivity/TDS/Salinity In Cradle
edge® Conductivity/TDS/Salinity is packed with many cutting-edge features to ensure accuracy and usability.four ring conductivity probe

Digital EC Electrode

edge® EC electrode is highly advanced, featuring a built-in microchip that stores calibration information that is automatically retrieved by edge® once the electrode is plugged in. Information stored in the electrode includes model number, serial number and calibration information including the standards used and the date and time the last calibration was performed.Capacitive Touch

Four Ring Probe

The edge® EC/TDS/Salinity meter is supplied with the HI763100 four ring platinum conductivity probe that has a built-in temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensated measurements. The four ring technology allows for a wide range of measurement with a single probe as compared to amperometric two pole probes that have a limited range and can suffer from polarization effects. The HI763100 probe has a glass and PVDF body with a PEI (polyetherimide) sleeve. Both materials have excellent resistance against many aggressive chemicals.probe input

3.5 mm Probe Input

Plugging an electrode in has never been simpler; no alignments, no broken pins, just connect the 3.5 mm plug and get started. 

hi2002 edge Conductivity/TDS/Salinity meter wall mount
edge® is incredibly versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of environments without taking up the space of a traditional benchtop meter.wall mount

Wall Mount

Using the wall mount cradle (included), edge can be placed on a wall, leaving zero footprint on the benchtop space. The cradle has a built in connector to power edge and charge its batteries. edge’s zero footprint design saves you valuable benchtop space.Cradle

Cradle and Electrode Holder

edge® is equipped with a benchtop cradle featuring an adjustable swivel electrode holder to charge and hold the meter securely in place at the optimum viewing angle.

edge thin pH meter handheld
edge® is incredibly thin and weighs only 8.8 oz., has an 8-hour battery life, and dual USB inputs.usb

Two USB Ports

edge® includes one standard USB for exporting data with a flash drive and a second micro-USB port for you to connect to a computer for file export and for charging your edge when the cradle is not logging 

Data Logging

edge® allows you to store up to 1000 log records of data. Data sets include readings, GLP data, date and time.basic mode

Two Operating Modes

edge® offers both Basic and Standard Modes. In Basic Mode, the edge as an EC meter reduces features to simplify operation. In Basic Mode, the meter will only allow for automatic temperature compensation, auto ranging of readings, and automatic cell factor correction while calibrating. The temperature correction coefficient is fixed to 1.9% / °C and interval logging is not available. In Standard Mode, the user has options to change these settings.



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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5

Intervalo CE 0.00 a 29.99 S/cm, de 30.0 a 299.9 S/cm, de 300 a 2.999 microsiemens/cm, 3.00 a 29.99 mS/cm, 30.0 a 200.0 mS/cm, hasta 500.0 mS/cm (CE absoluta) **
Resolución CE 0.01 S/cm, 0.1 S/cm, 1 S/cm, 0.01 mS/cm, 0.1 mS/cm
Exactitud CE (@ 25ºC / 77ºF) ± 1% de lectura (± 0.05 S/cm o 1 dígito, el que sea mayor)
Calibración de CE 1 punto de calibración (0.00 S/cm en el aire), calibración de pendiente 1 punto, 84 S/cm, 1413 microsiemens/cm, 5.00 mS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 80.0 mS/cm y 111.8 mS/cm


Especificaciones TDS

Intervalo de TDS 0.00 a 14.99 ppm (mg/L), 15.0 a 149.9 ppm (mg/L), 150 a 1499 ppm (mg/L), 1.50-14.99 g/L, 15.0 a 100.0 g/L, hasta 400.0 g/L (TDS absoluto) **
Resolución TDS 0.01 ppm, 0.1 ppm, 1 ppm, 0.01 g/L, 0.1 g/L
TDS Precisión (@ 25ºC / 77ºF) ± 1% de lectura (± 0.03 ppm o 1 dígito, el que sea mayor)
TDS a través de la calibración CE
Factor de conversión TDS 0.40 a la 0.80 (valor por defecto es 0.50)


Especificaciones de salinidad

Intervalo de salinidad 0.0% de NaCl a 400.0, 2.00 42.00  PSU, 0.0 a  80.0 g/L *
Resolución de salinidad 0.1% de NaCl, 0.01 PSU, 0.01 g/L
Exactitud de salinidad(@ 25ºC / 77ºF) ± 1% de la lectura


Especificaciones de temperatura

Intervalo de temperatura -20.0-120.0 ºC, -4.0-248.0 ° F
Resolución de temperatura 0.1 ° C, 0.1 ° F
Exactitud de temperatura ± 0.5 ° C, ± 0.9 ° F
°C / °F


Especificaciones adicionales

CE/TDS/ salinidad, compensación de temperatura -5 Automática a 100º C (212º F a 23) sin TC - se puede seleccionar para medir la conductividad absoluta.
Coeficiente de temperatura de conductividad 0.00 a 6.00% / ºC
Registros Hasta 1000 registros (400 para el modo básico) organizados en: bajo demanda manual (200 registros como máximo), bajo demanda  manual de estabilidad * (máximo 200 registros), registro a intervalos † (máximo 600 muestras; 100 lotes)
Conectividad 1 puerto micro USB para cargar y conectividad de PC, 1 puerto USB para almacenamiento
Condiciones ambientales 0 a 50 °C (32 a 122 °F), HR máx. 95% sin condensación
Tipo de batería/duración Batería recargable integrada con hasta 8 horas de uso continuo
Alimentación eléctrica Adaptador de 5 VCD (incluido)
Dimensiones 202 x 140 x 12.7 mm (8 "x 5.5" x 0.5 ")
Peso 250 g (8.82 oz)
Información para ordenar edge®EC HI2003 incluye: HI763100 Sonda de conductividad, 4 sobres de estándar de conductividad de1413 µS/cm, 2 sobres de estándar de conductividad de 5000 µS/cm, 2 sobres de estándar de conductividad de12880 µS/cm, 2 sobres solución de limpieza de uso general, soporte para electrodo, soporte para montaje en pared, cable USB, adaptador de alimentación de 5 VCD, certificado de calidad y manual de instrucciones.
Notas * No disponible en modo básico

** con función de compensación de temperatura desactivada


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En HANNA® INSTRUMENTS contamos con un centro de Servicio Técnico autorizado donde usted podrá contar con la asesoría de Ingenieros capacitados que le brindarán los servicios de mantenimiento, reparación y validación de nuestros equipos.