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Titulador Potenciométrico Automático – HI932 con una tarjeta de entrada para sonda potenciométrica


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The HI932 Automatic Titrator is the answer to your dedicated titration needs. Fully customizable, the HI932 delivers accurate results and intuitive user experience, all in a compact package. Titrate for a variety of measurements at the push of a button including acids, bases, redox, and selective ions. No additional programming upgrades to purchase. The only things you need to start using the HI932 are a sensor and titrant.


    • Small footprint so you can fully optimize your benchtop.


    • HI932 can be ordered with one or two analog boards for sequential linked titrations


  • HI932 is compatible with HI922 autosampler for analyzing up to 18 samples at a time


Automatic Potentiometric Titrator - HI932

Superior design for the busy lab.

The Cycoloy? body is durable, heat-resistant, and resists staining. Dedicated menu buttons are part of the control panel making it fully sealed and easy to clean. A high contrast LCD display makes every character on the display stand out and the wide viewing angle allows measurements to be seen from any angle. The backlight is adjustable for your viewing preference and with a backlight saver option protects the display during periods of inactivity.?

Maximize your workspace.

This new generation of titrator features a 50% smaller footprint than the HI901 Automatic Titrator for maximum use of your benchtop lab space.p>?

Intuitive User Interface

Functional keys on the control panel that correspond to virtual keys on the display allow for simple and quick navigation between screens and menu. If you need additional information about a screen, simply press the dedicated button for help.

Titration Screens

Multiple Titration Types

Paired with the right electrode, this potentiometric titrator can perform any number of standard titrations including pH and mV tests with fixed endpoints or single equivalence points.


Real-Time Graphing

A real-time titration curve can be viewed as the titration progresses. This feature is useful when new methods are tested or when a procedure requires optimization.


Password Protection

Administrative users can set a PIN code on the device protecting against unauthorized access. Titration method options and results are tamper-proof while a non-administrator operates the titrator, ensuring records remain safe, secure, and traceable.

Clip-Lock? burette

Exchangeable Burette System

With Hanna?s Clip-Lock? burette feature, it only takes a few seconds to exchange titrants and reagents preventing cross-contamination and saving time.?

Precision Dosing Pump

Our unmatched 40,000-step piston driven pump is capable of dosing extremely small and highly accurate volumes of titrant or reagent.?

Chemically Resistant Tubing

Aspiration and dispensing tubes are constructed of chemically resistant PTFE plastic and feature a light-blocking polyurethane outer sleeve to protect light sensitive reagents.

Flexible Electrode Holder

Flexible Electrode Holder

This electrode holder can hold up to 3 electrodes, 4 tubes, and 1 temperature probe. The holder is angled to concentrate the probes to the center for smaller beaker sizes. Use electrodes with different diameters when needed by changing the electrode guide.?

Adjustable Arm

For a more compact design, the electrode holder is built directly into the titrator body. Height control adjustments are performed by simply pressing the press-to-release button makes. The electrode holder is reversible for use with large magnetic stirrers or oversize beakers.?

Precision Stirring

The removable overhead stirrer has built-in speed control for instant feedback in order to maintain consistent stirring speed.

HI932 Back

Multiple Measuring Modes

HI932 functions as a potentiometric titrator, pH meter, mV/ORP meter, or ISE meter. Valuable laboratory bench space is saved, and multiple tests can be performed on one sample.


Analytical Balance Interface

Analytical balances with RS232 output can transfer the weight of a sample directly into the meter.


Printer Interface

Titration reports can be printed directly from the titrator to a connected printer.

Peristaltic Pump

Automatic Reagent Addition

A peristaltic pump may be programmed to volumetrically dispense reagent prior to titration or direct measurement. This helps achieve consistent and accurate results and prevents operator errors such as incorrect volumes or forgetting reagent addition. The peristaltic pump can also be used to aspirate post-analysis.

Well and Gutters

Smart Design for Safety

In the event of reagent leakage an external gutter system protects the connections on the back of the meter and interior prevent any liquids from the internal electronics.


USB Storage


Customizable Analysis Reports

Each analysis report is fully customizable so users can ensure they are storing and filing the best data required for their application. New multi-select feature makes batch processing simple.


Flexible GLP Management

All necessary GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) information is recorded with each sample including sample identification, company and operator name, date, time, electrode ID codes, and calibration information.


USB Data Transfer

A conveniently located USB port on the side of the meter is used with a flash drive or direct connection to a PC for the transfer of titration methods, reports, and software upgrades. Reports can be converted to a LIMS friendly format with the use of our PC compatible software.


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