Tube Set and Valve for Mini Titrators - HI70500

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The HI70500 is a set of tubing that includes a titrant cap, valve, and dosing tip. This tubing set is used with the HI845XX series of mini titrators to supply titrant from the bottle to the dosing assembly.

The valve ensures that the tirant can only be aspirated from the bottle and dispensed from the syringe. The tubing set has a small filter on the aspiration side to prevent any particulate from clogging the valve. There is also a micro dispensing tip on the discharge side to ensure small, accurate volumes of titrant are dosed into the sample.

Unique chemically resistant valve

Filter assembly to prevent clogging

Fine dispensing tip for accurate dosing

The HI70500 tube set includes tubing, filter, titrant cap, valve, valve fittings, and dosing tip. The tube set allows for the connection between titrant bottle, syringe, and sample beaker. The tubing set  is easily replaced and can be connected in a matter of minutes.

The HI70500 is used with the HI845XX series of mini titrators, including:

HI84500 Sulfur Dioxide Mini Titrator for Wine Analysis

HI84502 Total Acidity Mini Titrator for Wine Analysis

HI84529 Titratable Acidity Mini Titrator for the Dairy Industry

HI84530 Titratable Acidity Mini Titrator for Water Analysis

HI84531 Titratable Alkalinity Mini Titrator for Water Analysis

HI84532 Titratable Acidity Mini Titrator for Fruit Juices

HI84533 Formol Number Mini Titrator for Wines and Fruit Juices 

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