FC098 Stainless Steel Blade for Meat pH Electrodes

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The FC098 is a stainless steel blade for piercing meat with a pH electrode. This blade measures 20 mm (0.8’’) long and screws on the compatible Hanna Instruments pH electrodes designed for meat analysis. For a complete list of compatible electrodes see the specifications table below.

  • Made of high grade stainless steel for long life
  • Razor sharp for easy piercing into meat and other semi-solids
  • Protects glass pH electrode from breakage

HACCP pH meter for meat

*electrode pictured sold separately

The FC098 is a 20 mm (0.8’’) long stainless steel piercing blade used with Hanna Instruments Foodcare pH electrodes designed to measure the pH of meat. This blade allows for the easy slicing into meat so that the pH electrode comes in contact with the internal meat product while protecting it from breakage. Pictured is the blade attached to a pH electrode that is purchased separately. Also available is the FC099 which is a longer version (35mm; 1.4”) of the blade. These blades are designed with a high quality stainless steel to provide a long life.

Más Información
Dimensiones 20 mm (0.8’’)
Notas Material: Stainless Steel

Compatible Electrodes: FC230B, FC231D, FC232D, FC2323
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